Cloud-Based Application Development

Develop and deploy better applications at lower costs with cloud services.

D3V Cloud-Based Application Development

Develop Cloud-Based Applications

Develop an application that solves problems, adds value to your company, and complements your existing business model.

Our team holds Google Cloud Expertise in Cloud Native Application Developmentand offers a wide range of Software Solutions. Develop and deploy various types, including: software as a Service (SaaS), backup as a Service (BaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and more. Apart from engaging B2C solutions, develop enterprise-level B2B and inter-organization management solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), content management system (CMS), Human Resources Management (HRM) systems.

The process: The first step to the cloud-based application development process is to choose the right type of application and the technologies that power it. To ensure the best results, we’ll start with a brainstorming and a discovery session to understand your unique business needs and goals to translate them into a digital asset. If you have existing cloud-based applications, we will learn what we can about their strengths and identify any critical errors or points of improvement.

Cloud-Based Application Development Case Studies

Cloud-Based Application Development

Modernize Existing Applications

App Modernization is the process of updating the platform infrastructure, internal architecture and/or features of a legacy application. The main reason organizations turn to this solution is because legacy applications are commonly monolithic, meaning that they can be difficult to update and aren’t easy/cheap to scale.

Refine existing applications by making them more agile, scalable, and modern to achieve organizational goals faster. Even slight differences in implementations have an impact on overall productivity and cloud app development is a very large field with thousands of individual variables, implementations vary greatly. For instance, many companies are trying to leverage DevOps. The top performers of DevOps are: releasing updates significantly faster (106x), recovering from failures faster (2,604x) while experiencing fewer failures (7x).

As holders of a Google Cloud Modernization Expertise, one of our core services is refining existing applications, infrastructures, and systems. D3V’s team of engineers can work with your existing team or work independently to identify performance bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, and areas of improvement and use our curated cloud best practices to reduce maintenance costs, time-to-market updates, and failure rates.

Get the functionality your application needs to outperform the competition while keeping what works – without having to start from scratch.

Legacy Application Modernization Case Studies

D3V Implement DevOps

Implement DevOps

DevOps can make code deployments 208% faster and reduce the time to recover from incidents by 2,604x.

The right foundation is always critical, even with applications. Here at D3V, the foundation for cloud-based application development is based on the agile methodology, particularly, DevOps. DevOps is an extension of the extremely popular and proven development process known as agile development. But instead of just creating applications that are agile, easily scalable, and resilient, we create applications that work smoothly in a modern IT infrastructure with different teams.

The DevOps way helps bridge the gap between the development teams and the operational teams and ensure that no productivity is lost between development and deployment. There are many ways we employ DevOps including Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, breaking the monolith (and replacing with microservices), canary development, traffic splitting, and many more.

More about DevOps

Incorporate Web And Mobile

Web and mobile applications offer an entirely new avenue for companies to compete on. Web applications give companies the ability to create extremely powerful and feature-rich applications that can fully show off the companies’ capabilities whereas mobile applications help companies stay connected with clients and customers 24/7 and make their services easily accessible on the move.

To ensure that you are able to fully capitalize on this new opportunity, we build cutting-edge applications, both on the web and on mobile platforms using the latest technologies and best practices including microservices, built-in CI/CD integrations, automated deployment policy and compliance checks, and more.

Don’t Just Create – Innovate.

Cloud-based app development is and will continue to be the standard for producing high-quality, cost-effective applications. With vital benefits like quick time-to-market, increased testing capabilities, faster development, and lower costs, cloud-based app development is vital for any modern business. A well-built intuitive application will also

increase the functionality and reach of your business.

What Our
Clients Are

Working with D3V was hands down one of the best experiences we’ve had with a vendor. After partnering, we realized right away how they differ from other development teams. They are genuinely interested in our business to understand what unique tech needs we have and how they can help us improve.

Lee ZimbelmanWe had an idea and D3V nailed it. Other vendors that we had worked with did not understand what we were trying to do – which was not the case with D3V. They worked with us through weekly meetings to create what is now the fastest and most accurate steel estimating software in the world. Could not have asked for anything better – what a Team!

We used D3V to help us launch our app. They built the front end using React and then pushed to native versions of iOS and Android. Our backend was using AWS and Google Firebase for messaging. They were knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient. We will continue to use them in the future and have recommended their services to others looking for outside guidance.

Constrained with time and budget, we were in search of an experienced technology partner who could navigate through the migration work quickly and effectively. With D3V, we found the right experts who exceeded our expectations and got the job done in no time.

Protecting our customers data & providing seamless service to our customers was our top priority, which came at a cost. We are very satisfied with the cost savings & operational efficiency that D3V has achieved by optimizing our current setup. We’re excited about future opportunities for improvements through deriving insights from our 400 million biomechanics data points.

Our experience with D3V was fantastic. Their team was a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable, and explained everything to us very clearly and concisely. We are very happy with the outcome of this project!

Jared Formanr

Jared Forman

CEO & Co-Founder, OSMix Music

Lee Zimbelmanr

Lee Zimbelman

IT Director, BLI Rentals

Terry Thornbergr

Terry Thornberg

CEO, Fabsystems Inc.

David Brottonr

David Brotton

CEO & Founder, Squirrelit

Dr. A. Ason Okoruwar

Dr. A. Ason Okoruwa

President, Bedrock Real Property Services

Ryan Moodier

Ryan Moodie

Founder, DARI Motion

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