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Modernize existing applications through GCP to unlock innovation, functionality and lower costs.

D3V Application Modernization


What Is Application Modernization?

Application modernization is theprocess of modernizing legacy or traditional applications to work on a cloud infrastructure.

One of the most common differences between legacy applications and cloud applications is their underlying architecture. Legacy applications are usually based on a monolithic architecture which, compared to today’s standards is hard to work with, far less scalable, and highly prone to failures. In contrast, cloud-native applications use microservices architecture (though it’s possible to run a monolithic app on the cloud) which is a modern and agile alternative, outperforming monoliths in almost every category. Compare traditional vs cloud-based apps

D3V Application Modernization

Application Modernization Services

As a Google Cloud Partner, we bring a comprehensive application modernization experience to both modern businesses as well as legacy businesses with limited IT infrastructure. By employing best-practices derived from years of experience, our cloud developers and engineers can fully utilize Google Cloud’s vast service ecosystem.

Our 5-Step Modernization Strategy To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Cloud Investments:

1. Assess And Establish Baselines

One of our top priorities at D3V is to understand each business’s objectives, current IT position, and requirements. To achieve this, we schedule a series of discovery calls with our cloud consultants.

At the same time, our Google-certified engineers run a series of comprehensive audits to find security vulnerabilities, performance issues, and architectural pain points in existing applications.

2. Choose The Right Modernization Strategy

There are numerous popular cloud modernization strategies that are used to quickly and effectively migrate applications to the cloud while minimizing disruption.

Our cloud consultants will help you understand each strategy as well as suggest the most suitable modernization strategy for your goals and requirements.

3. Create A Modernization Framework

The modernization strategy dictates the overall flow of work but it isn’t enough for the modernization on its own.

To supplement the development process, our engineers will create a framework that lays out different steps and priorities. Proper planning can reduce the time and effort in half.

4. Develop

After the plans have been finalized, D3V engineers and developers do what they do best – write and refine code.

This also when we will integrate additional cloud functionality into the application such as DevOps and automation.

5. Deploy Updates

Our team will introduce updates to the live environment in a timely and organized manner to minimize consumer-facing disruption and give developers enough time to carefully verify each update’s performance.

6. Test And Optimize

As updates roll out, our team will also closely monitor application health and performance and compare it with the previously established baseline and test it to further optimize performance and resilience.

Follow This Strategy To Achieve The Benefits Of:

Reduced Costs

Traditional applications have numerous costs attached to them that can be eliminated by moving to the cloud. Some of these costs include the hosting expenses that come with on-premises IT solutions as well as a myriad of licensing fees for third-party security, productivity, business intelligence (BI), and monitoring tools.

Google’s vast ecosystem has hundreds of individual platforms and services that can be used to achieve similar, if not, better results.

The biggest cost savings, however, will come from Google’s Pay-Per-Use pricing which means businesses only pay for the app’s usage – virtually eliminating all fixed costs associated with your applications.

Increased Reliability, Scalability, And Security

More often than not, traditional applications are far more prone to failures and have very limited scalability, despite their high costs. Unfortunately, due to the architectural design restrictions as well as hardware limitations, it’s nearly impossible to achieve high levels of reliability and scalability while being cost-effective.

On the other hand, Google Cloud gives businesses an easy platform with which they can run their applications on the same server as Google Maps, YouTube, Search, and hundreds of thousands of other websites/applications.

Apart from the sheer power of Google’s data centers, businesses also benefit from the secure infrastructure and security protocols applied out of the box, which makes Google Cloud apps more secure than their on-premises counterpart.

Faster Updates

Google Cloud supports applications built on the flexible and modular architecture known as microservices. Compared to the monolithic architecture found in most traditional applications, microservices help significantly reduce time-to-market while also increasing the number of deploys.

This also increases the scope for innovation as developers are no longer tied to the design limitations of monoliths.

Optimized User Experience

Behind all the technological advancements of a modern cloud-native application is an objective better experience for the end-user. Cloud-native applications provide lower and consistent latency around the globe, are less prone to system failures, and have almost zero possibility of being out-scaled.

All of these factors ensure your end-users get a smooth and enjoyable experience, all the time and everywhere.


Solving IT Issues With Cloud Modernization Solutions

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of application modernization, there are also some critical challenges that can be overcome with specific modernization solutions. These solutions have their own benefits as well as a positive impact on the development process.


Fully-Managed Cloud Platform

Cloud offers numerous fully-managed platforms within it that can be used to build and deploy powerful applications on different configurations and architectures including a fully-managed serverless platform.

Google Cloud specifically offers the versatility of hybrid and multi-cloud platforms in addition to the traditional public cloud, allowing the company to build, modernize, and test apps in the environment that suit them best.


Cloud-Native App Development

The Google Cloud Platform offers end-to-end capabilities for building cloud-native applications from scratch – everything you’ll ever need is right here, packaged in economical and extremely powerful services. The end-to-end tooling also simplifies the development process, increases productivity, and ensures consistent security, as well as offers compliance on dozens of business standards.



Short for Development-Operations, DevOps is a software engineering methodology that can significantly improve resilience, software delivery, and create shared ownership among different teams, boosting productivity and preventing unhealthy interdepartmental competition.

DevOps (precisely DevSecOps) also incorporates security into the development process from the start, building the application around security requirements instead of the other way around (or worse, adding security protocols as an afterthought).
More about DevOps on GCP


App Migration To The Cloud

Major cloud providers have dedicated procedures for painless migration of legacy applications to the cloud. For example, with Google Cloud services such as Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), you can natively containerize temporary VMs efficiently and effectively. This further reduces the time-to-market, reduces the refactoring required in migration, as well as accelerates the migration process while keeping disruption at a minimum.
More on Cloud Migration

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What Our
Clients Are

Working with D3V was hands down one of the best experiences we’ve had with a vendor. After partnering, we realized right away how they differ from other development teams. They are genuinely interested in our business to understand what unique tech needs we have and how they can help us improve.

Lee ZimbelmanWe had an idea and D3V nailed it. Other vendors that we had worked with did not understand what we were trying to do – which was not the case with D3V. They worked with us through weekly meetings to create what is now the fastest and most accurate steel estimating software in the world. Could not have asked for anything better – what a Team!

We used D3V to help us launch our app. They built the front end using React and then pushed to native versions of iOS and Android. Our backend was using AWS and Google Firebase for messaging. They were knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient. We will continue to use them in the future and have recommended their services to others looking for outside guidance.

Constrained with time and budget, we were in search of an experienced technology partner who could navigate through the migration work quickly and effectively. With D3V, we found the right experts who exceeded our expectations and got the job done in no time.

Protecting our customers data & providing seamless service to our customers was our top priority, which came at a cost. We are very satisfied with the cost savings & operational efficiency that D3V has achieved by optimizing our current setup. We’re excited about future opportunities for improvements through deriving insights from our 400 million biomechanics data points.

Our experience with D3V was fantastic. Their team was a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable, and explained everything to us very clearly and concisely. We are very happy with the outcome of this project!

Jared Formanr

Jared Forman

CEO & Co-Founder, OSMix Music

Lee Zimbelmanr

Lee Zimbelman

IT Director, BLI Rentals

Terry Thornbergr

Terry Thornberg

CEO, Fabsystems Inc.

David Brottonr

David Brotton

CEO & Founder, Squirrelit

Dr. A. Ason Okoruwar

Dr. A. Ason Okoruwa

President, Bedrock Real Property Services

Ryan Moodier

Ryan Moodie

Founder, DARI Motion

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